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The Raffle By Dominic "Mimi" Barona

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When passion is part of your recipe.... Success is the taste!

Join us to CELEBRATE the end of a great year for our athlete Dominic "Mimi" Barona who won GOLD at the 2016 Juegos Bolivarianos in Chile!



"Play AGAINST drugs" by ÉNDOXO Sports, LLP.

We are honored to announce our campaign "Play AGAINST drugs" 

We are dedicated and focused on creating exceptional experiences and opportunities for our athletes and most importantly, the future generations.

At the same time, our vision is to tell our athletes' story in an inspiring and creative way, in which the community is the biggest support.

According to the National Institute of drugs abuse: "People are most likely to begin abusing drugs —including tobacco, alcohol, and illegal and prescription drugs—during adolescence and young adulthood. By the time they are seniors, almost 70 percent of high school students will have tried alcohol, half will have taken an illegal drug, nearly 40 percent will have smoked a cigarette, and more than 20 percent will have used a prescription drug for a non-medical purpose."

If you want to connect your brand to this great cause, please email us at

Learn how you can contribute to our campaign here:


Yours in sports,

Team ÉNDOXO Sports



RIO Remotely Party

Team ÉNDOXO Sports will be joining SAMSUNG to celebrate Sports at the RIO Remotely Party

We are ready to experience the excitement of RIO like nowhere else. If you are attending please stop by and say hello!

Team ÉNDOXO Sports, LLP.




Make the Impossible... Possible by Team USA

Dear fans, we wanted to show some support to Team USA. During RIO 2016, these group of athletes showed us that everything in life it is indeed Possible! We need your support to keep the momentum going until Tokyo 2020 and beyond! 

To show your support simple click in the picture below!



The Athlete's Prayer



Lord, please clear my head of all distractions and my heart of burdens. I may fear, so I may perform my very best, knowing you'll always be there. Please lift me up before the moment, so through your eyes I may see, and have a clear understanding, as the game unfolds before me. With great courage I will meet this challenge, as you will have me to, but keep me humble and remind me, that my strength comes from knowing you. The when all eyes are upon me, at the end of this game. I will turn their eyes to you O'Lord, and to the glory of your name. Amen!



Exclusive Interview with Jaime Saltos, Founder, President, & CEO of ÉNDOXO Sports, LLP.

My Indescribable Passion For Sports!

With the Rio Olympics on the horizon and a year full of surprises, Jaime Saltos, Founder, President, & CEO of ÉNDOXO Sports, shared with us his views about sports and his relationships with his athletes and sponsors - In this exclusive interview, Jaime showed us how his passion for sports took him to develop a unique organization to reach his athletes and sponsors' goals; his athletes are like family and he always has in mind what his athlete's objectives are in order to obtain better results. 


  • When did you have the idea to create ÉNDOXO Sports? What motivated you to start your own sports agency? 

This project was born when I was little, and is linked to my passion for sports and my admiration for an athlete's dedication. It always intrigued me to understand everything that implies to be an elite athlete, particularly the silent work behind the scenes - the invisible work that leads to success.


  • What does the slogan “We Believe In The Humanity Of Our Athletes” mean to you?

Since I was little, I would listen to the sports journalists refer to great athletes as “they are from another planet” - highlighting their exceptional performance. Behind that exceptional performance there is a human, a father/mother, a son/daughter, a husband/wife, a whole family and a team who believed in that athlete… all of which make it possible for the athlete to show what he/she is capable of; and those accomplishments would be impossible without the “human” warmth and sacrifice.


  • What are the strengths of ÉNDOXO Sports?

The “Team” with no doubt. We are a team that works together for our athletes; a team that shares the passion for sports. At ÉNDOXO Sports, LLP. we form a strong team and focus on each detail before any decisions are made. We constantly search for fresh innovative ideas on how our athletes can prosper in such a competitive market and how our sponsors can get the best ROI.


  • Which are your short and long term objectives?

Keep growing! Everyday we understand that the sports world - as life itself - keeps developing and we have to adapt. The success of being ordinary or EXTRAordinary is on the EXTRA that you are willing to give everyday. We have more athletes joining our family in the near future, and the names will be revealed when the time is right, as we are growing our team with responsibility.


  • How is your relationship with your athletes?

Different! I firmly believe that there is nothing better than listening to an athlete, to a human being at all possible levels. There are situations in life that strengthens or weakens an athlete's mood and performance. For that reason, it is important to say the right words, be honest and direct, but also to know when to be silent.


  • How is your relationship with your sponsors?

Fantastic! Our sponsors love our mission and vision and connect with our athletes and our goals as a team. At ÉNDOXO Sports, commitment and professionalism are two of the most important qualities we share with our sponsors and athletes.


  • Can you name someone as your mentor? Who do you admire as a businessman?

Many! Specially those who have been able to beat adversity such as: Sergio Marchionne and Jack Ma. If you don't know the story of these amazing gentleman, I invite you to read about them.


  • What is your most important function as a businessman?

My relationship with my athletes! My focus is on keeping a united team. In doing that, I have to understand the athlete’s sport activities and emotions, and every detail from the logistics to the competition… from the defeat to victory.


  • What keeps you motivated every day?

Passion! Everything that a human being does in life has to be filled with passion; from the love for the family, the performance at work, to spending time with friends… there has to be passion and balance in order to live a prosper life. Everyday I think about how my passion for sports can make a difference in someone’s life and in our beautiful world we share together.



Entrevista exclusiva con Jaime Saltos, Fundador, Presidente & CEO de ÉNDOXO Sports, LLP.

Mi Indescriptible Pasión Por El Deporte!

Con los juegos olimpicos de Rio en el horizonte y un año lleno de sorpresas, Jaime Saltos, fundador, presidente & CEO de ÉNDOXO Sports nos cuenta su visión del deporte y de sus relaciones con sus clientes - En esta entrevista intima, Jaime nos muestra como su pasión por el deporte lo llevo a crear una organización única para alcanzar los objetivos de sus atletas y sponsors; sus clientes son como su familia y siempre tiene en mente cuales son los objetivos de sus clientes para lograr el mayor rendimiento.


  • Cuando tuvo la idea de formar ÉNDOXO Sports? Que Lo motivo a empezar su propia agencia deportiva?

El proyecto nace ligado directamente a mi pasión por el deporte y admiración por el trabajo de un atleta que siento desde muy pequeño. Siempre me resultó interesante el entender todo lo que implica ser un atleta élite especialmente el trabajo que se realiza en silencio detrás de las cortinas, el trabajo invisible.


  • Que significado tiene para usted la frase “Creemos en la Humanidad de nuestros Atletas.”

de pequeño siempre escuchaba cuando los comentaristas deportivos se Referían a los atletas destacados con frases como; "son de otro planeta" recalcando su desempeño. Para mí detrás de ese desempeño hay un corazón, un humano, padre/madre, hijo/hija, esposo/esposa, toda una familia y un equipo de trabajo que creyó en ese atleta y que ahora demuestra de lo que es capaz, esos logros serían imposibles sin tener la cualidad de la "humanidad"


  • Cual cree que es la fortaleza de ÉNDOXO Sports?

El "Team" sin duda. Somos un equipo que trabaja en conjunto por y para nuestros atletas, un equipo que comparte pasión por el deporte. Todos los miembros de ÉNDOXO Sports, LLP. atletas, equipo ejecutivo y colaboradores forman parte de esa estructura de enfoque sólida que se ha logrado obtener éxitos en tan corto tiempo.


  • Cuales son sus objetivos a corto y a largo plazo?

Seguir creciendo! Todos los días entendemos que en el mundo del deporte al igual que de la vida misma experimenta cambio e innovación a la cual debemos adaptarnos. El éxito es entender que la diferencia entre ordinario y EXTRAordinario es justamente en lo "EXTRA" que estás dispuesto a dar día a día. Vendrán más atletas, hay algunos nombres en mente que en su momento los daremos a conocer, mantendremos el crecimiento de nuestro team con responsabilidad.


  • Como es su relación con sus atletas?

Diferente! Creo firmemente en que no hay nada mejor que saber escuchar a un atleta, a un ser humano conectarse a todos los niveles posibles. Hay situaciones de la vida misma que afectan o favorecen en los estados de ánimo y rendimiento de un atleta. Así mismo, es importante tener las palabras correctas, sinceras, frontales y también saber cuándo callar.


  • Como es se relación con los Sponsors?

Fantástica! Tanto los sponsors de nuestros atletas y nuestro sponsor exclusivo como Balr, confían en nuestro trabajo serio. Es importante ser responsable y agradecido con los sponsors. Todos nuestros sponsors comparten objetivos directos e indirectos con ÉNDOXO Sports, en todo momento analizamos alianzas estratégicas que tengan un mensaje de incursión con la sociedad de fondo y forma.


  • Puede nombrar a alguien como su mentor? A quien admira como empresario?

Varios! Especialmente esos que han logrado trascender en condiciones adversas como: Sergio Marchionne y Jack Ma, si no conocen la historia de estos dos genios, los invito a que la investiguen.


  • Cual es su función mas importante como empresario?

Mi relación con los atletas! Soy el responsable directo de mantener una unidad única con ellos. Entender sus actividades deportivas y emociones, desde la logística hasta la competencia, desde la derrota hasta el triunfo.


  • Que lo mantiene motivado todos los días?

Pasión! Todo lo que un ser humano realiza en la vida, debe estar lleno de pasión, el dar amor a su familia, el desempeño en su trabajo, el pasar tiempo con sus amigos, el vivir a plenitud, en fin, en mi día a día pienso de qué manera mi pasión por el deporte puede marcar una diferencia!



Ecuador Listo y Solidario 🙏🏼

Best Wishes And Thoughts To The People Affected By The Earthquake In Ecuador. The ÉNDOXO Sports Family Would Like To Encourage Everyone To Contribute And Help This Cause. We Thank You In Advance!



Emilio Falla: Campeon Nacional de BMX en Tena, Ecuador 🏆

ÉNDOXO Sports, LLP. - Nota de Prensa

Fotos: Byron Gallardo

Tena, Napo - Ecuador

Emilio Falla

El pasado fin de semana se realizó en la ciudad del Tena, el Campeonato Nacional de BMX en una pista nueva y creada para incentivar este deporte en la región.

El Olímpico Emilio Falla, quien ha representado a nuestro país dos veces en los Juegos Olímpicos (Beijing 2008 y Londres 2012) se coronó Campeón Nacional absoluto en la categoría élite. Emilio se adjudicó el campeonato al haber quedado en primer lugar en las tres mangas correspondientes a su categoría nos comenta su manager Jaime S. Saltos. "Emilio se encuentra en un excelente nivel, todo el Team ÉNDOXO Sports, trabaja día a día intensamente en su preparación"

Emilio seguirá su entrenamiento en California, USA, para sus siguientes competencias internacionales que son:

1. Copa Mundial 2016 UCI BMX SUPER-CROSS - Argentina (25 y 26 de Marzo)

2. Campeonato Sudamericano - Argentina (28 de Marzo)

3. Copa Mundial 2016 UCI BMX SUPER-CROSS - Inglaterra (9 y 10 de Abril)

4. Copa Mundial 2016 UCI BMX SUPER-CROSS - Netherlands (May 7th & 8th)

5. Campeonato Mundial 2016 UCI BMX - Colombia (May 25th to 29th)

Estas competencias le servirán a nuestro Campeón Nacional para obtener puntos esenciales en busca de un cupo para los Juegos Olímpicos de Rio 2016.

Emilio Falla y Familia



Emilio Falla: BMX National Champion at Tena, Ecuador

ÉNDOXO Sports, LLP. - Press Note

Tena, Napo - Ecuador

With a new track and a lot of excitement, the city of Tena, Ecuador saw the vibes and fuzz of the 2016 National BMX Championship. The event was held on the last weekend of February and it was placed in a new track made to encourage this sport in the region.

The Olympic athlete, Emilio Falla, who has represented Ecuador twice at the Olympic Games (Beijing 2008 and London 2012) won the 2016 BMX National Title in the Elite Category. Emilio obtained the championship title after finishing in the first place in all three draws of the tournament. “Emilio is at an excellent level, Team ÉNDOXO Sports is working really hard everyday for his development” says Emilio's manager, Jaime S. Saltos.

Emilio will keep his training in California, USA, for his following international tournaments:

1. World Cup 2016 UCI BMX Super-Cross – Argentina (March 25-26).

2. South American Championship – Argentina (March 28)

3. World Cup 2016 UCI BMX Super-Cross – England (April 9-10).

4. World Cup 2016 UCI BMX Super-Cross – Netherlands (May 7-8).

5. World Cup 2016 UCI BMX – Colombia (May 25-29).

All this championships will help our national champion obtain additional points to secure a spot at the 2016 Rio Olympics.   



Éndoxo Sports, LLP - 2016 Calendar

2016, the year that will see the lights and vibes of Rio Olympics, will be filled with excitement and adrenaline. Éndoxo Sports and its athletes, Giovanni Lapentti and Emilio Falla, have planned a tentative calendar for the year filled with energy and excitement. You can see the 2016 calendar by clicking here for Giovanni and here for Emilio. 

For Giovanni Lapentti, the main tournaments in the horizon will be Davis Cup on the first weekend of March and the three remaining Grand Slams Qualifying tournaments. Giovanni will be playing for the Ecuador team against Barbados to reach the second round of Group I. The winner will face the strong team of Brazil on July 15th. As for the rest of the year Giovanni will be attending the French Open on May 23rd, Wimbledon on June 27th, and the US Open on August 29th.

Emilio Falla is starting this year with one image in his mind: the long-waited Rio Olympics. Emilio's calendar started with the USA BMX Winter Nationals in Arizona, and next the Gator Nationals in Florida for the present month of February.

For the following months, Emilio will be competing at the UCI BMX Supercross World Cups in Argentina on March 25th, United Kingdom on April 9th, and the Netherlands on May 7th. All of them will be preparing him for his main goal, Rio Olympics held on August 17.

2016 will be filled with excitement and energy for the Éndoxo Sports' family and we look forward to seeing the best of our athletes and the magic of each one of the tournaments and events played.